Established in 1996 HITOP Textile Co., Ltd. have specialized in the manufacturers and exporters, The company has world-wide marketing through a network of sales and maintains own sales.
provides various kinds of fabric such as Functional fabric with Micro, Nylon & Polyester material, High quality HITOP products which are useful to develop Jacket, Coat, Trouser, Short & Sports wear with the various kind of materials exported to garment mills all over the world. Especially, As a leader in Korea, the functional quality is very exciting item to be modify by various material to develop, which are successful to develop garment, the shape of garment outline is performed very flexibly and smoothly, and also, for drapery and stable garment,

HITOP has been concentrating on developing quality products based on the experience of colors and technical sources, the company has performed versatile management and business since 1996, and controlling the production of the items by the customer demand on grade of the physical & chemical characters(certificated ECO STANDARD 100) The high trend products of HITOP are made with thorough quality administration by operating the yard by yard inspection system in inspection ware house, Respect to the strict demand of our clients the quality and colours are manufactured and certified corresponding to the technical regulations of their countries.

With the experiences of color and technical know-how in European's company, On this basis, our company has an ability of most important things for textile business, technical service to solve any sudden problem occurring on fabrics or dyestuff & resin chemicals with its multi-point analysis,

HITOP is growing up its volume steadily to world market and stably managing the company with strong financial, HITOP has been strong interesting from overseas markets in all of the world, we are constantly achieving fame in overseas market and to be the company as the leader in the 21st century.


President : John Cha john@hitoptex.co.kr
Director : Yo Lim yolim@hitoptex.co.kr
Asst.Director : Charley Yoo charley@hitoptex.co.kr
Manager : Yong Kim yong@hitoptex.co.kr
Asst.Manager : Sera Ryu sera@hitoptex.co.kr
Cheif : Jungwoo Kim jungwookim@hitoptex.co.kr
Account : Yunmi Lee jhoh@hitoptex.co.kr
Q.C Manager : miki Kim mikikim@hitoptex.co.kr